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I just finished reading one of the books of John Strelecky, “The why cafe”.

I must say, even if it doesn’t have an intimidating number of pages, it’s not an easy lecture. Actually, it’s quite difficult, especially after you finish it, because it leaves you with a lot of questions…

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The word etymology is very interesting. It all starts with the Latin word “pati”, which means enduring or experience. After that, in the Late Latin, appeared the word “passionem”, which was used more for expressing the suffering. Old French used it related especially with Christ’s physical suffering: “passion”. Starting with…

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Laughter is usually associated with humor, with jokes, with comedy. But this is not entirely true, scientifically speaking.

If you ask yourself when was the last time you laugh, in most of the situations, the cause wasn’t a stand-up, a comedy or some funny video with a kitten. Maybe last…

We all have those bad days when our hair doesn’t look how we want, or we feel that everything we dress with just doesn’t fit, or we suddenly look into a mirror and have a bad impression about the person who’s looking back at us.

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No worries, it’s normal!


Do you know that moment when you find a new job that at first sight seems to be all that you want from a job? Maybe is a level up for your career, or maybe the company/team is great, or maybe they have an attractive salary or benefits. There can…

This is not just a movie, it’s an adventure. From the first to the last minute, you get the chance to live among the characters, understand their decisions, their suffering, their sacrifice.

A realistic story of a legend, a white whale who is capable of ruining lives with a glimpse…

Mihaela Parvu (Miki)

Writing is more than a hobby, it's a feeling. My main purpose is to help others and writing is my best way of doing this.

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