In the heart of the sea

Mihaela Parvu (Miki)
2 min readOct 20, 2020

This is not just a movie, it’s an adventure. From the first to the last minute, you get the chance to live among the characters, understand their decisions, their suffering, their sacrifice.

A realistic story of a legend, a white whale who is capable of ruining lives with a glimpse of her tail. She is like a horrible reminder of nature’s power compared with the infinity small power of humans. Her skin looks so ancient that it’s impossible not to think of how insignificant human life is compared to hers. When you look at her it’s like watching at the history of nature itself, prepared to defend itself.

Watching this work of art is hard because there will be moments when you’ll feel:

- Guilty of how humankind treated nature;

- Ashamed of how some humans were thinking about our species, like the supreme species who has the right to slave the nature by their will;

- Grossed of how the need to survive pushes all the edges of morality and transforms friends into pieces of meat;

- Angry because of their willingness to make money from an industry of murder without blinking;

- Amazed by how time and nothingness erases even the deepest and darkest thoughts, all the wrong concepts, and equalizes all;

- Soulful when a young orphan boy learns the concept of family, the idea of having a father;

- Scarred of the vengeful whale who decided for a long time to teach humans a lesson and kept following them;

- Relieved, shocked, when she decided to show those hunters the most important life lesson: forgiveness;

- Courage and ambition when the main character fought and never gave up, even if the ship was destroyed;

- The idea of taking live decisions when some of the sailors didn’t want to continue the journey and choose to stay on that island;

- Honor and honesty when the main characters refused to lie about what happened to protect the business, with the risk of remaining poor.

At the end, when some of the sailors returned home, it’s pure psychology. They go to their lives as nothing has happened, but avoiding to stay in the same room or the same city because each one of them was a living reminder of all the horrors they’ve faced.

It’s also interesting to observe “the walk of shame” they endured when they returned, with all those faces starring at them, some time ago friendly and hopeful faces, and now… Some truly honest faces who didn’t know how to react to some alive ghosts.

Mihaela Parvu (Miki)

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