What I learned from the Suits tv show

Mihaela Parvu (Miki)
4 min readAug 5, 2021

No worries, this article it’s not about law or any other lawyer things. It’s about a TV show that I’m sure it influenced a lot of lives. I only saw it twice, but I tell you, I’m not going to stop there.

This tv show it’s a life lesson. I’ve learned a lot of things from it and it helped me in many ways, so I’m going to list here some of the most important lessons which influenced me.

Confidence. When you see Harvey Specter in action, I bet you’ll feel a chill or even have goosebumps. I remember I liked to watch an episode during my lunch break especially when I knew a hard meeting was going to happen next because it gave me this feeling that I can do everything. That nothing will stop me of being the best version of myself. The feeling that I can find a way to solve anything. So, I can tell you from experience that it helped, because the key to everything is believing in yourself. I don’t always do that and it’s probably considered cheating, but I use things like this TV show to have the boost of confidence I need.

Responsibility. Ownership. Owning your s*** and taking the responsibility for it are key words in the plot of this tv show. They all are responsible adults, even if they have their childish moments sometimes. They are always well prepared for any situation, they feel responsible of their client’s win and they take the ownership of what they say, even if not always are the smartest things.

Trust. Trust is a strong word. It can be obtained by proving yourself over and over again, by hard work. But it’s also something you can loose easily, in just a blink of an eye. I learned from this tv show that trusting people it’s not easy to achieve, but when you get there, they become family. Trust it’s about knowing someone well enough, it’s about having the same principles, the same honor. Trust is always working both ways. If one of the parts it’s not giving enough, usually both sides lose.

The concept of Winning. They have strong principles and they don’t back down, no matter how hard is the fight. They fight to win. Because let’s face it: we all want to win. Even if we say that loosing it’s a lesson, that failure it’s sometimes good, we all put our head in the game with the purpose of winning. We fight every day and even if the size of the win varies, we…

Mihaela Parvu (Miki)

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